Quadrant Knowledge Solutions, a global advisory, and consulting firm recognize UST SmartOps™ as a ‘Technology Leader’ in its research titled "SPARK Matrix for Intelligent Document Processing (IDP)”. The research acknowledges how the platform is well poised to expand its market share in the global Intelligent Document Processing (IDP) market, with a robust and feature-rich roadmap, strong brand reputation, and partnership ecosystem.

According to the research, “UST SmartOps™ continues to make investments with a vision to offer a more user-friendly experience for Intelligent Document Processing. UST SmartOps suite includes UST SmartVision, a document layout-agnostic product for IDP understanding. With out-of-the-box functionality to search for the typical data fields, it intelligently extracts data from documents with ‘zero-training, which significantly reduces the time to process. This combines AI, ML, computer vision, and automation to digitize structured and unstructured data from electronic feeds, images, and PDFs to actionable insights.”

The research highlights UST SmartVision’s ability to support multiple document formats and identifies which types of new forms should train the model. It completes this process by providing sample documents and marking fields of interest in each form. It also includes features such as image corrections and adjustments, document classification, and field extraction. The platform also interprets handwritten data in documents. UST SmartOps has an automated powerful feedback-based learning which improves accuracy continuously through the Expert-In-The-Loop review.

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